Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sharing some cake decorating ideas...

I had a special project this weekend to make a couple of wedding cake samples for my sister's friend, Sophia. While the cakes and their fillings were the main focus of this project, I took it up a notch and decorated both cakes.

I recently ordered some new gum paste cutters, silicon molds and veiners from Decorate The Cake in Overland Park, Kansas. I was asked by them if I would shared some 'How to videos...' and photos of my projects.

Daisy chain silicon mold

The mold arrived with 2 sides, one for creating a chain of daisies, and a chain of daisies that can be used to impress/imprint the design right into your fondant. The silicon mold is firm and flexible so there was no problem getting the fondant to dislodged from the mold. To insure a clean extraction, I coated the inside of the mold with some shortening (Crisco).

The first time around, I randomly pushed the fondant into the mold, and did not clean up the edges. When the fondant was dislodged, I had to use a pin to take off the extra fondant from the design. Second time around, I made sure the edges were clean before I dislodged the fondant from the mold.
Lesson learned, take the time to clean up the edges around the mold before dislodging the fondant, you will have a sharper design with clean edges, no second effort.

The finished cake with the daisy chain fondant decoration:

The following is a photo and video tutorial for making gum paste Calla Lilies:

Calla Lilies Photo slide show:

Video: Creating the center (calyx)

Video: Creating the petal

Video: Coloring and dusting the Calla lily

Please check out Decorate The Cake's online website, and their blog. They have a great selection of metal cutters, silicon veiners and molds for working with sugar.

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