Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a double header weekend...

just like baseball, I have those weekends when I have back to back projects lined up. This weekend was to create 2 different cakes for 2 special people. My first project was a whimsical "Smurf" house cake. The theme of the 'smurfs' carried over as a joke from 2 years ago when I made a birthday cake for my cousin Henry. Every time we talk about birthdays, everyone in our family brings up the "smurf blue" cake.

So this year for his birthday, I made him a "Smurf" House cake, complete with mini mushrooms and a miniature 'Smurf' that Evan modeled out of Crayola non toxic clay. The whole cake is a vanilla cake, the roof is filled with Marionberry jam and Meyer lemon cream filling. The house is filled with sliced fresh strawberries and cream.

The other cake is for a special lady who officially returns home today. It is a welcome home cake for my co-worker Tom and his wife, Sue. Sue had her transplant operation last year and had to live near the hospital for several months. She was given the green light by the doctors to be able to return home this weekend. Her cake is vanilla cake with Meyer Lemon cream and marionberry jam filling.

Making Mrs. Small's cake gave me the opportunity to practice my spatula icing skills. It is one of those skills that takes lots of practice to get a smooth cake, and I still have a long ways to go to get there. My favorite part of cake decorating is gumpaste flowers. I could spend hours making individual flowers and assembling them into corsage sprays to put on cakes.

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